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Paperboard Board Thickness Unite Conversion Formula

Different areas and countries are using different unites to discribe the paperboard thickness, in order to make it clear, below is the conversion formula for our "STAR" clients' reference:

There are usually three unites to describe:

1.Pt: American customers used to follow it and calcuate the thickness{likethe coated duplex board with grey back (CCNB), one side white coated with white back(CCWB), grey paperboard(double sides grey) and coated ivory board (FBB)} China factory/supplier/manufacturer/exporter/mill like these kind of unite.

3.Inch/in: Most of South-east, Middle east, Africa and western countries prefer to it.

As for coated duplex board, whatever roll and sheet packing, generally speacking, the relationship between them is:

1 pt=0.001 Inch;

1 Inch=2.54 cm;



For example:  One client from America,  need 24pt thickness one side white coated duplex board with gray back, then
it should be calculated like:

 1 pt =1/1000inch
 1 inch=2.54cm
 24 pt=0.00254*24=0.06096cm, about 0.6mm